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Andrew Sheldon

Digital Developer


Tim Croft

Creative Director


Melissa Da Costa

Account Director


A Day in the Life at Match

I have worked with Match for over four years as a Digital Developer. The work and the people are what keeps me coming back every day. We have some of the most talented people in the industry that challenge me to do my best work. There are not many places that I, as a developer, would not only be allowed to but encouraged to learn the latest technologies to see if there is a way we can use it to help our clients.

Some days are longer than others but they all start with a good breakfast so I am ready for whatever comes my way. The projects I work on can vary from day to day, from building out a company’s brand site, to coding an HTML email, to even creating an interactive game to help support a promotion or sweepstakes. You can usually find me with headphones on in front of a computer screen (ok, 3 screens) writing gibberish that I call code.

One of the most memorable projects I have had the opportunity to work on at Match is “Kake Chasers” which was an 8-bit style game that we created for Tastykake and the new Justice League Movie. As the world changes, so does technology. I am excited for the next thing that I will get to use to market to the customers and build our brands here at Match.

Describe Match in three words…

Challenging, Fun & Unpredictable

A Day in the Life at Match

Being a Creative Director at Match for the last 15 years has given me the opportunity to work on many globally recognized world class clients - PepsiCo, Molson Coors, Little Caesars and Kraft - just to name a few.

Over the years, I’ve learned that the key to success as a creative director not only entails the creative aspect but more so involves inspiring my teams and establishing a culture of curiosity.

In this industry taking risks is critical, we cannot settle for ‘good’ and must always push to provide the highest quality of work. Work that both my clients and I can take great pride in. With the growth of Match over the years, I’ve been given the opportunity, as a creative director, to help strategically bring to life our clients vision and in the end, drive their business.

A drive that I’ve had for the last 15 years here at Match.

Describe Match in three words…

Driven, Dynamic & Ambitious

A Day in the Life at Match

After taking a few years off from Agency Life to stay with my boys, I found returning to the working world a seamless transition after finding my home at Match over a year and half ago. I am supported by an amazing team that challenges me every day to think outside the box and bring one of kind ideas to life for my clients which include; Unilever, PepsiCo & OLG.

My typical day includes a visit to one of my client’s offices for program updates, which is very handy as they are right next door! XM’s busy season is just around the corner, which means daily team meetings are necessary to ensure every detail of an event has been captured. New business pitches is part of my day to day and something I love doing, they challenge me to think “big” and work on ways to help Match stand apart from the crowd.

Describe Match in three words…

Passionate, Driven & Talented