David Seeds

David Seeds and baseball have always gone hand in hand. But the brand needed a little dose of energy to regain relevance. Enter World Champion second baseman of the Chicago Cubs, Javy Baez, who goes through three bags of David Seeds per game.

A series of online videos highlighted Javy’s habit of eating three bags of David Seeds during every game as part of a “Seeds the Day” campaign.

An updated content library, including a range of motion videos, refreshed David Seed social channels and paid posts all throughout the baseball season.

Contextual, programmatic digital banners on sports-centric display and mobile sites promoted David Seeds as an essential part of baseball game day.

Program design included revamped baseball-themed retail displays.

Branded merchandise like the Javy Seed Dispenser made for fun prizes as part of a social promotion.

A six hour content shoot with our star athlete yielded 6 scripted videos, 12 motion visuals and 50+ stills for paid and organic posts, as well as an extensive asset library that was leveraged for additional daily social content creation, retail elements and print executions.